Next to photography music is my absolute passion and alongside studio portraits of bands and artists I spend a lot of time out on the road. Since 2005 I’ve been signed to a London picture agency and that has given me access to literally 100s of gigs, music festivals and venues.  My work features in national press and most recently I’ve had commissions from Q Magazine and Team Rock.

Whether I’m perched on the side of a sound desk or stage, or jockeying for position in the pit, it’s never dull.  From the performance to the punters, back stage or up front you become completely immersed in this amazing sub-culture.

Visually and otherwise it’s incredibly stimulating and I’ve certainly had some of my more memorable moments in the thick of it.  It’s also presented some of the biggest challenges. Limited light, very little time and musicians whose first priority is not me getting my shots, definitely keeps things interesting; no time to plan or over-think things; the adrenalin pumps, the heart starts to race and you have to block out the noise and focus on what’s in the frame.  Then, once the pictures are in the can it’s a race back to post production to prep and upload them ready for syndication.

After so many years I’m now a familiar face on the circuit which makes for a much easier life.  Being the only blonde in the pit can sometimes be a bonus.