All Points East, 6 Music Stage.

Here’s a flavour of what went down at All Points East this August in Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, London. This has been my favourite Loftus media job so far this year with amazing music and people. It was great to get to work with the Dj’s to get some fantastic portraits as well as covering their live music sets – absolutely the best working mix for a music loving photographer!

The 6 music stage was incredible with a fantastic arch incorporating speakers and lights, although it did have to be abandoned at one point when a thunder and lightning storm decided to make an appearance! However things soon got back on track. It was great to meet and interact with all their Dj’s, including the lovely Tom Ravenscroft with whom I shared reminiscences of Salter Lane Arts College in Sheffield!

Stand out performance for me goes to Teki Latex, a French Dj that whipped the crowd up into a frenzy with his amazing set. He also loved the portrait I took of him so much that he immediately added it to his social. Thanks to everyone for creating such a brilliant event and atmosphere!


Redlight APE 230826

Scarlett O’Malley APE 230826

Jamz Supernova APE 230826

Karen Nyame KG APE 230826

Teki Latex APE 230826

Salute APE 230827

LB aka Labat APE 230827

Kirollus APE 230827

Tom Ravenscroft APE 230827

Tom Ravenscroft APE 230827

Don Letts APE 230828

Deb Grant APE 230828

ANU APE 230828

Peach APE 230828