Pandrol Track Engineering

About Pandrol

Pandrol track engineering is crucial to keeping our railways working as they should. Their team fix the tracks when they are damaged or need updating, using the most up-to-date technology and equipment .

Pandrol Track Engineer

Picture of a track engineer from Pandrol

I’ve worked with Pandrol many times doing a combination of commercial shots for new products as well as portraits.  My most recent shoot with them was in August this year and I travelled up to Tuxford on a fabulous summer day to meet the team. The combination of great light and an accommodating bunch of people all contributed to what ended up being a great shoot.

Pandrol Track Engineer

Picture of a Pandrol track engineer

Pandrol track technician

Picture of a track technician from Pandrol taken in August 2023

Pandrol technology

Pandrol uses digital technology to increase efficiency

The Brief

Most of the shots I take for Pandrol are used for trade shows and product marketing, or for training events. My contact at Pandrol, John Riley (UK Technical and Training Manager), made me chuckle when he told me how shocked he was to see his face splashed across the entire entrance to a recent exhibition in Germany.

New Pandrol machinery

Pandrol track engineering excels with this new machine that speeds up repairs by shooting cold water onto the line after welding.

Behind the camera

What I love most about my job is the variety it offers as no two days are the same.  I get to meet so many different people and visit a host of different locations for shoots. Working with Pandrol has not only taken me to Tuxford but also Paris, although, I won’t reveal which location I preferred.

But, it’s not just the people and the locations that make a job special, I also get to learn something new about a subject I would never usually think about.  With Pandrol, its been fascinating to get an insiders view on the technological innovation and engineering that lies behind keeping our rail network in good working order – something that  flashes through my mind each time I step on a train!