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Standard bearers.  There are a few pro photographers I really admire. Nan Goldin reminds me of New York and where I was with my work when I was there. Also from the 70s, I love Martin Parr’s satirical Sowerby mouse show and William Egglestone’s retro style. Tom Hunter’s early work is well worth a look too. Heritage.  Back in the day I taught analogue photography to adult learners at an FE college. I still play around with it from time to time. No fixed abode.  I bought my first narrow-boat in 2005. 15 years on I can’t imagine life on dry land. If I fancy a change of scene I just up anchor and head off along the waterways. With a top speed of six miles an hour it really is all about the journey. Northern stock.  Yorkshire has way more than its fair share of creative talent. I’m more than happy to work elsewhere but never felt the desire to live anywhere else.  Essential for life.  My Nikon D5 – boring I know but there it is.  Wish list.  Errr a Nikon D6…in fact all the latest Nikon kit. And some land for rewilding. And a house in Surrey…just for kicks.  Current status.   Learning to play bass and looking for a band…all offers considered. To do.  A Studio shoot with any of the Stones or Beatles…while there’s still time.  Also, still looking for that elusive front cover. It will happen!  Strangest shoot.  Stills for Warp films on the set of Kill List – middle of the night, creepy 1920s house on the Harewood estate, lots of semi naked bodies and wicker masks… Driven.  Working with Dyslexia Action I once rode around locations in Bristol in actor Charlie Boorman’s car. He offered me a lift home until he realised home was Sheffield. Clearly his adventurer wanderlust hadn’t kicked in at that point..we only made it as far as the train station. Top radio.  Johnny Walker’s rock show – what a legend.