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For me getting to know my client is key. I want to know what style of images you like and what you’re aiming to communicate. Meeting in person is the easiest way to achieve this, but as long as there is an open and clear dialogue I can work with anyone to help you sell your brand, event or idea. Just know that I am flexible, professional and quick to respond, so I won’t leave you hanging just when you need help.

A little background:

I’m a hardworking northern lass who has overcome a dyslexia diagnosis later in life to achieve an MA in Photography from DeMontfort, so just know you’ll be working with a grafter who will overcome any obstacles to succeed.

I started my career in 2005 shooting on film. My first music commission was shot on 35mm for Kerrang! magazine. Things have moved on a bit since then, but should you prefer the look, feel and colour of grain over pixels, shooting on film is still an option.

Working for Q magazine was on my wish list and I went on to shoot for them for 7 years. I’ve been published in other music publications such as Mojo and you may well have seen my work in mainstream media such as The Independent and Guardian, or in specialist journals such as N-Photo where I share technical expertise and test the latest camera equipment. I’ve been syndicated for Rex Features (Shutterstock), worked for Warp Films, the BBC and Channel 4 and have been a part of the Loftus Media Team since 2020.

In the corporate world my clients have ranged from Ted Baker to Specsavers, Adidas to Timex, The University of Sheffield to Crossrail International.

I’ve been funded by Arts Council England in personal projects and have had sponsorship from brands such as Nikon and 3 Legged Thing.

As you can see, when you work with me you benefit from a breadth of experience that means whatever the issue, I’ve probably already got a solution!