Looking back on 2023

Looking back on 2023, the water tank project with young professional swimmer Elannah Towers was such a highlight and resulted in some fantastic images that were shortlisted for the British Photography Awards and Shot up North.

Elannah Towers 17.02.23

This image has also been shortlisted for the Ironstone Arts Prize which will be announced in January 2024 so watch this space…

Alongside my commissioned work, I always have special projects bubbling away in development and the ‘Boat Project’ is one I’ve been working on throughout 2023. I’ve captured some lovely images so far and this one has already been shortlisted for the National Historic Ships Award.

Boat Living 12.04.2023

It’s been an absolute pleasure to have been commissioned for such a variety of photoshoots in 2023.

Not only have I continued to enjoy ongoing relationships with established clients, but 2023 has brought new clients into the mix with fresh opportunities for some great work.

231028 Yungblud TW Norton Coronation Working Men’s Club

I’ve loved being able to capture live music concerts, gigs and events for the BBC through the agency Loftus.

231028 Yungblud TW Norton Coronation Working Men’s Club

Redlight APE 230826

BBC Proms Horrible Histories 22.07.233

Barbican SO Symphony Orchestra with Stefan Niculescu – Ison II (orchestra only) 18’

Richie Radio 2 Victoria Park Leicester 12.06.23

Working for BBC Sounds

BBC. Sounds Social Quiz

And covering the Sensoria event in Sheffield

Sensoria Pro 06.10.23

I’ve also been keeping my commercial skills sharp with brilliant companies such as NPL  (National Physical Laboratory), Pandrol and Specsavers.

More commissioned work from Pandrol

PNL Jubilant 21 St Anniversary Flotilla. 09.09.23

Bruanston Historic Boat Rally 24.06.23

I want to thank all my clients and partners because 2023 has been a blast! I’m looking forward to 2024 so don’t hesitate to get in touch.