International women’s day: 8th March 2021

International Women’s day is fast approaching and to celebrate, I’m turning the spotlight on some of the brilliant women I’ve photographed in recent years, doing business, making music and just making their way in the world.

Headlining here, career development specialist Jane Barrett who co-founded The Career Farm. I worked on a brand portfolio for Jane and it was great to photograph someone with a clear understanding of how imagery can set the tone for business marketing.

Also featured, some of my favourite portraits – creatives, aspiring models, academics and businesswomen. There’s a broad range of contexts, backgrounds, lighting sets, colour palettes and styles. Hopefully this brief portfolio shows how different women can all find their own voice in a portrait.

Jane Barrett & Colin Barrett
The Career Farm Ltd

For many of us, this last 12 months has been a period for re-evaluation. We’ve been thinking about life, what we want from it and how we feel about ourselves. So, there’s no better time to reflect that in the way you present yourself to the world.

A new portrait can help you to explore and capture that new sense of who you are. And one of the things I really enjoy is working on that together in the shoot. We talk about, and try out different ideas, reviewing pictures until we arrive at a portfolio that really represents and encapsulates the person.

So, if you’d like to come for a session please do get in touch. The studio is run in line with Covid 19 BBC guidelines. But if you want to incorporate something of your office, home or another context I can bring the studio to you. Then, when we finally emerge from the longest life pause most of us have ever experienced you’ll have an image that reflects who and where you are now. Ready to engage with the rest of the world!

Leah Newby 11.09.20

University of sheffield 21st August 18 winter gardens Sheffield

Becky Leeds Red Mill studio 16.09.17

Beth Red Mill Lane studio 20.08.17

Jennifer Holloway 14.03.17