Signposting safety in Leeds.

Leeds Safer Roads Vision Zero 2040 is the city’s strategy to eliminate road deaths and serious injuries. The strategy comprises a whole range of measures, improving safety at every level. Alongside education and awareness campaigns, physical changes in infrastructure will deter dangerous driving and encourage safer behaviours. I’ve been out on the streets of the city, taking pictures that will help bring the Vision Zero story to life. Whether you’re a driver, cyclist, skate boarder or pedestrian in Leeds, this campaign is about you. Speed limit signage and road junction arrangements are just a couple of areas where you will already be seeing a difference. Then of course there’s the new infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. This ties neatly into the Connecting Leeds strategy we photographed last year.

As you can tell from these pictures, the weather was not on our side! Finding people to actually photograph in between the downpours was not easy. But hopefully, as the strategy rolls out over the months and years ahead we’ll begin the see the impact of Vision Zero on our streets. So, here’s to a future of sunnier shots and safer journeys on foot, in the saddle or behind the wheel.