Echoes of the Water

Echoes of the. Water June 2024

Tracey Welch & Brett Evans Biedscheid

Echoes of the Water

Our collaboration brings together Tracey’s photographic expertise and unique artistic vision, inspired by the canal system and the characters who make it their home and Brett’s expertise in storytelling through

Brett will use Tracey’s photographs of the canal and its surroundings to create new, abstract, ethereal images that explore alternative imaginations of canal life. Tracey and Brett will bounce off each other’s creativity and draw on each other’s skills – the quality of Tracey’s imagery and Brett’s background in storytelling through photomontage.

About Tracey

I am a professional photographer with over 19 years’ experience in the industry. I hold a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Photography, and have experience working in the music and corporate industries. I am a part of the Loftus Media team and have worked for the BBC, Channel 4, Q Magazine, and The Guardian, as well as specialist journals such as N-Photo. I have extensive experience in the world of music photography, but I also have a wide range of corporate clients, including Ted Baker, Specsavers, Adidas, and Timex.

I am also committed to continuing my professional development and my independent 

projects have been supported by Arts Council England.

One of my recent projects focuses on telling the stories of people who live on the canals and waterways. I visit and photograph people in their boats and tell their stories, from the work they do creatively, to how they earn money, and what led them to this alternative way of life. My photographs powerfully capture their character and their ways of life. One of my photographs from this project, Katie Theatre, was recently selected to be included in ronapainting gallery’s Women by Women exhibition.

Instagram: traceyphoto

About Brett

I am a lens-based artist with a multi-disciplinary background. After gaining an BA in Fine Arts 

in New Mexico, USA, I travelled to the UK. A photographer, illustrator and filmmaker, I divide my 

efforts between commercial and personal projects.

My work has been featured in a range of exhibitions and film festivals, including the Edinburgh Fringe Film Festival, the RENDER International Music Video Festival and the Surrealism Film Festival at the BFI. Commercial clients include the BBC, the Economist and National Grid.

Recently, I decided to direct my attention to further developing the area of my practice I am most passionate about: narrative storytelling through photo-montage. This process involves collecting large amounts of visual information from seemingly random locations and situations, and then discovering common threads within this previously disparate source material. I employ these discovered connections to form large-scale intricate narrative landscapes. This pathway led me to pursue an MA in Film and Photography from the University of Derby, which I completed in 2022.

Instagram: be_biedscheid