Walking with Lulu.

Throughout lockdown, I’ve been documenting my social environment and experiences, within the varying limitations of government regulation. Daily circuits of local green spaces have been a constant, saving grace. An early walk sets me up for my working day. A late walk clears my head and rewards my endeavours. And walking with my friend and his dog adds to the experience. I may have a cat to cosy up with at night, but a companionable stroll in the woods is definitely not on Pud’s agenda… Lulu on the other hand, is always up for a wander. People you meet along the way engage with her. And with that brief word or smile, you feel part of the human race again.

It’s interesting to see how people are now using the spaces. Park steps have become a key part of a daily workout. The river path has replaced the cafe as the place for a conversational catch-up. Among the trees, we can breathe. Whatever lies beyond lockdown, I hope we continue to value our local outdoors. I certainly feel like my walks have been a positive change that I’ll be hanging onto.